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General FAQ

How many photos can I expect back?

For all full sessions, I guarantee an absolute minimum of 35 digital images. However, I am shutter happy and tend to WAY over deliver on the regular!

For weddings, I guarantee 50+ photos per hour of coverage.

What kind of gear do you use?

I dual shoot on two Nikon Z6ii's with a back up D750. My most used lenses are my 35, 85, and 70-200!

Do I have to order prints through you?

While you don't HAVE to order prints through your gallery, I highly suggest it. Quality is guaranteed through the professional printing company I use. Cosco and Walmart, not so much. LOL

What do you charge for travel?

For one hour sessions, up to 25 miles of travel is included. For weddings, up to 60 miles of travel is included. Any sessions located outside of this perimeter from 49055 will be charged $1 per mile one way.

Do you offer mini sessions?

On occasion, yes! These are held on specific days and times throughout the seasons. I typically offer Fall Minis, Tree Farm Minis, and Mother's Day/Spring Minis.